Study and cost of living in Macedonia 2022

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Study in Macedonia
The Republic of North Macedonia, a country located in the center of the Balkan Peninsula in Eastern Europe, is one of the successor countries of the former Yugoslavia, which declared its independence in 1991 under the name Republic of Macedonia. It became a member of the United Nations in 1993, but as a result of the dispute with Greece over its name, it was accepted under the temporary description of the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, and thanks to the efforts of the Secretary-General of the United Nations Antonio Guterres, an agreement was signed between Athens and Skopje on the name of New Macedonia on March 18, 2018, The official name of the state became the Republic of North Macedonia, and on January 11, the Macedonian Parliament approved a constitutional amendment to change the country's name to the Republic of North Macedonia in accordance with an agreement with Greece to solve a decades-old problem, and Macedonia is a landlocked country with a wonderful nature, as it is a land with natural landscapes. It also includes more than 50 lakes, dozens of streams, magnificent mountains and dense forest cover.
Although Macedonia is very close to both Europe and Turkey, it has a lower cost of living, so we can say that the central Balkan country is perhaps the most economical country in the Balkans, and it has beautiful houses, very rich in natural beauty and elegant city structures. Despite this, the purchasing power of people with low living expenses is high. Both the Macedonian dinar and the euro are accepted in the country.

Social life in Macedonia
Macedonian people love social life, so there are a lot of entertainment places in the country, you can find all kinds of entertainment, dining and arts places that you can think of, especially in the capital Skopje. Since Macedonia is a developed country in terms of living conditions, it is also very successful in attracting tourists.
As in the rest of the Balkan countries, Macedonia is a very cheap country in terms of living conditions, education, accommodation and other areas. The most important thing is to increase the purchasing power of individuals by increasing employment opportunities. Macedonia offers great facilities for those who want to go permanently.

Macedonia's education system
The Macedonian education system is in line with the European education system (Bologna Convention). Therefore, all public universities and some private universities are recognized by the Turkish Higher Education Council, and the certificates of these universities are valid in the European Union countries, in addition to being recognized by all Arab countries.
How long does it take to study medicine in Macedonia?
If you want to study medicine in Macedonia, you have to take a preparatory year either in Macedonian or in English and 6 academic years. Registration in Macedonian universities begins in May and ends in September of each year.
Is it difficult to learn the Macedonian language?
The Macedonian language is the first language according to the constitution, and is the mother tongue in the country, followed by the Albanian language, which is the mother tongue of about 40% of the population, and then comes the Serbian language, which is somewhat limited, but the entire population understands the Macedonian language, and newspapers and books are published in both Macedonian and Albanian languages ​​as well channels and radio. Macedonian is a language of the Slavic language family, written in the Karelian alphabet
Is there an equivalency in Macedonian universities?
Yes, there are! In particular, it awards the Macedonian legal equivalency certificate.
Perhaps the most famous university that provides quality education, Göce Delchev Step University, which is most preferred by students who want to study medicine, pharmacy or dentistry in Macedonia, helps you reach your goals by teaching you expert professors in the field of medicine for 6 years.
Beginning of studies in Macedonia
The start date of the study in Macedonia is the beginning of September. Those who wish to study medicine and dentistry, even if they studied the specialty in English, must know the Macedonian language after the third grade.
Accommodation for rent in Macedonia
The rent for 2 + 1 or 3 + 1 apartments suitable for our students ranges from 250 to 350 euros.
blue diploma
Because Macedonia has great advantages in many ways! The first is the chance to get a blue diploma. When you graduate from any department of any university in the country, you receive a document called a Blue Diploma. This means that your university is accepted in all European countries.
Since you are studying abroad, it is necessary to take preparatory education in Macedonia before university education (first year). While some universities provide preparatory education within their own structure, and some universities offer this education in private language schools that have been contracted. Preparatory education fees in Macedonia are not very expensive.
Goethe Delchief Steppe University
The language of Goce Delcev's university education is Macedonian. The tuition fee for language preparation is 1,000 euros, while the annual tuition fee for medicine, pharmacy and dentistry at the university is 1,500 euros, and for engineering and other departments the annual tuition fee is 1,000 euros.
America and all European countries accept the equivalency of the Göce Delchiev Step University degree, and Güce Delchief Step University has also included Turkey in its partnership programs spread all over the world, where it is implementing a partnership program with many universities in Turkey.
Macedonian Goce Dilchev Step University has many disciplines, including departments such as Mechanics, Economics, Tourism, Faculty of Agriculture, Faculty of Science, Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Faculty of Language, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Technology.
There are 5 universities in Macedonia. These universities are; Skopje Cyril and Methodius University, Betuli University of Manastir, Goethe Delchev Stipe University, Vaughn University, and Ttevo University.
Documents Required for Enrollment in Macedonian Universities
1. The original high school certificate + a true copy or an official extract + a copy from the Education Department

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